Our Experience Buying A Campground

We’ve always loved a more rural lifestyle so I suppose owning a campground is the ideal business for us. While we love our life now, looking for campgrounds that are for sale was a big chore that felt overwhelming sometimes. For one thing, we didn’t know how many different types of campgrounds there were which meant, in the beginning we didn’t know what type of campground we wanted. After many thoughtful discussions, we realized we wanted a campground that was in good condition but that we could improve and possibly expand. We also wanted something in the vicinity of our family.

We saw many campgrounds but none of them seemed to be what we were looking for. We quickly learned that looking for a campground to purchase is a long process a lot like looking for a house to buy.

The one we found and fell in love with had thirty acres of developed campground with an additional forty acres of undeveloped land. But when we started to look into adding more campsites, we discovered the existing campsites and infrastructure needed a lot of work. This work was expensive and time consuming. We had to purchase permits to upgrade the infrastructure and campsites, hire specialist with experience in campsite construction, and pay for several inspections. Upgrading the existing campsites pushed back our plans of extending the campground by two years. We’re very happy with our campground now but it was hard work in the beginning. The upside was that once we made all the improvements, we saw an immediate increase in bookings and we’re able to charge more for campsites than the previous owners charged.